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eloquence @eloquence@social.freeculture.org

Just updated this instance (which is currently just for personal testing; I mainly toot from @eloquence) from 2.2.0 to 2.3.3. Process took all of 30 minutes (main issue was running out of memory on the asset compilation). Really nice work on the Docker images + related instructions.

@angristan Yikes. That's nuts. Seems like large files should be special-cased.

@angristan @TheKinrar that is a cool name. had to read it twice.

@angristan Heh. I have a couple of dedicated servers with Hetzner and have generally been quite happy with them. I noticed that most big Diaspora instances run with them.

Appreciate the detail and thanks for running mstdn.io so transparently - a good example for other instance admins to follow. :)

@angristan @eloquence oh cool, I may want to update this in the article since I'm currently spelling out your nihost config. what provider are you moving to? hetzner?

@angristan 👋 I just use this for poking at instance config stuff, mainly at @eloquence, but I think I will follow a lot of instance admins here so I can get a nice tech feed :)

@Gargron very cool! FWIW, I found the trickiest bit to be the configuration of a local MTA via docker (postfix in my case), due to the need to set the address to the docker bridge IP & whitelist the Docker container IP, which is non-obvious. Might be nice to add a hint or even look up the necessary info in the setup script - though admittedly very docker specific

@Gargron is there a public source for this data by any chance? if not what is the definition of active?

[Test instance, my main home is @eloquence]

Okay, setting up via Docker is pretty easy. Trickiest bit by far was getting Postfix to work. Using Apache also made things a bit more complicated.

Hello world, from my own instance :)